Complicated stuff

Here our master mechanic working his magic on some automatic transmission electronics.

Get in touch if you are having any automatic transmission electronics problems. We are sure we can help out. 087-2676765

Toyota Prius Hybrid Sales

If you’re after a very low mileage Japanese Toyota Prius we can now source them directly from Japan.

Call Richard or Matthew on 087-2567822 or 085-7271452 for details. These cars make ideal Taxi’s.

Ford Powershift Automatic Transmission

Working on a 2014 Ford Powershift automatic transmission today. Complicated bit of kit, this is the Ford Powershift automatic DTC450 from a Ford CMAX.

All sorted now, should be back in the car and running smoothly after dinner.

If you have any questions regarding the Ford Powershift automatic transmission please get in touch.

MGA Restoration

We had the pleasure of giving this beautiful 1970’S MGA a light restoration. It would be nice to see more of these cars out on the Irish roads.