Car Restoration


We cover all aspects of car restoration

Restoration begins with an initial inspection of the vehicle, including under the body to decide on the depth of the restoration required. We cover the following areas of restoration:

  • The chassis is checked for cleanliness, corrosion and oil leaks from the differential, gearbox and engine.
  • Drains on the rear brake plates are inspected for possible blockage, brake cables are examined and the gaiters are checked for cracks.
  • The exhaust system is inspected.
  • The radiator may be removed for repairs due to leakage or rust.
  • The steering box, shock absorbers and axles are inspected for signs of leakage.
  • The cylinder head and block is checked for cracks. Instruments are removed and re calibrated or repaired as required.
  • Wiring throughout the vehicle is checked for wear or damage and replaced or refurbished as necessary or desired by the client.

We are always in contact with our clients as work progresses on each individual car. Please contact us on 087 2567822 to find out more about our restoration services.